Energy Surveys and Project Implementation


Customer: Large, four-campus college north of London
Sector: Education
Focus: Energy surveys and project implemention

When we work with new clients, we recognise the need to demonstrate our capabilities and not rely solely on our reputation. Where appropriate, we will carry out a preliminary survey to provide an expert, independent view on the opportunities for energy reduction…

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The Benefits of Out of Hours Audits


Customer: Academy in the West Midlands
Sector: Education
Focus: Energy audits (out of hours)

Working with academies, schools and colleges, we will as a matter of course analyse consumption data to build up a clear picture of the daily and weekly energy profile. Very often it is overnight electricity (and gas) usage that is a major cause of excessive consumption, and this cannot necessarily by identified just from bills or consumption data…

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Energy Management Support


Customer: Group of four schools in South West England
Sector: Education
Focus: Implication of full Carbon Management Plan / Energy Management Support

With so many other demands on their time, we understand that Estates and Facilities staff at some Academies and Colleges may not have sufficient time and resources to develop and implement a full Carbon Management Plan, even if they are very mindful of rising energy costs and the need to control energy use in what can be a complex collection of buildings and campuses.

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BMS Appraisals and Building Environmental Performance


Customer: Large group of Academies
Sector: Education
Focus: BMS Appraisals and Building Environmental Performance

We understand the importance of the effective control of plant and equipment and our consultant team includes several with extensive Building Management System (BMS) experience and expertise. We are able to undertake assessments and audits of BMS installations to ensure that performance of a building is optimised and that the control strategy is appropriate for the building.

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