Sub-­Metering Strategies

Concept Energy Solutions will not only manage the installation process for sub-metering at your site, but also use the sub-metering as an on-going tool to improve energy management on site. Interpreting and analysing sub-metering data, in order to reduce energy waste, can drive down energy costs and CO2 emissions.

How we can help:

  • Strategy planning
    We will work with you to develop an effective metering strategy, collecting data from the right areas and assets for real insight into building performance
  • Sub-metering installation
    Our Project Managers can oversee installation of sub-metering across your sites and connection to a monitoring system – either to ASPECT or to another system
  • Sub-metering analysis
    Our team of energy specialists supports our Analysts in reviewing sub-metering data, offering insight into complex issues, ensuring you get the best advice on improving energy management
  • Avoid excessive energy spend
    Identifying instances of energy waste through sub-metering is an immediate means to avoid additional costs and excessive CO2 emissions

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