ASPECT for Energy Managers

Energy Managers can use ASPECT as a key part of their on-site energy management regime.

ASPECT’s intelligent energy monitoring function can be expected to deliver immediate energy savings of 10-20%. It can also provide a means for Energy Managers to put in place long-term carbon reduction strategy, with sustained energy savings, which are monitored over time to ensure no reduction in benefits.

ASPECT is a fully scalable system, suitable for single or multi-site organisations in sectors ranging from industrial, retail, commercial, to the public sector.


  • Gather data from across the site
    ASPECT collects data from supplier meters and internal meters, and it can also be directly linked to other applications for even more data.
  • Monitor energy use in real time
    ASPECT’s graphically-illustrated energy dashboard can be used to track and analyse energy use.
  • Be alert to on-site problems
    When energy consumption exceeds target levels, the Energy Manager can be instantly notified by email/SMS to take action and correct any problems.
  • Web-accessible, 24/7
    Instantly access ASPECT at any time, from anywhere in the world, via computer or tablet.
  • Make energy use visible and measurable
    Encourage behavioural change by displaying real-time ASPECT energy data on a flatscreen in the reception area.
  • Set and achieve CO2 targets
    Generate energy reports and ensure carbon-reduction targets are properly measured and met.
  • Perform condition-based asset monitoring
    At industrial/commercial sites, monitor the physical condition of the plant and alert maintenance teams to any deterioration in performance.

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