Condition Based Asset Monitoring

In addition to energy monitoring, ASPECT can also be used to make sure the site as a whole is running as intended.

The ASPECT package can be extended to include installation of sensors that allow for real-time monitoring of a commercial or industrial plant’s condition.

The system enables the user to view the plant status across any number of buildings, with no geographical boundary – UK or worldwide.


  • Be alert to any deterioration in plant performance
    ASPECT features red-amber-green plant condition indicators, with email/SMS alerts to immediately notify plant managers of a change in status.
  • Extend the plant life cycle
    Close monitoring of plant condition means equipment can be maintained when any change/deterioration in performance is detected, rather than just by routine.
  • Cut out ad-hoc maintenance
    Maintenance teams can be pro-active and targeted about maintenance, cutting out expensive ad-hoc maintenance and freeing up engineers’ time.
  • Reap additional energy savings
    A well-maintained plant operates more efficiently, reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency.

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