Post-ESOS Services


As experienced energy consultants – with extensive experience over a range of sectors – Concept Energy Solutions can work with your organisation to ensure you take full advantage of the recommendations in your ESOS audit.

The opportunities an ESOS audit presents are often significant: The potential cost savings identified by implementing the changes recommended are estimated to be (typically) more than 13.5 times greater than the cost of an audit (according to DECC).

Which is why our philosophy is simple. An ESOS Audit should be the start of a journey to wider operational and carbon-cutting benefits.  We help you to optimise, prioritise and implement carbon reduction projects that will secure maximum ROI and ensure the least possible disruption to trading and operations.


  • Guidance on the selection of appropriate technology & technology suppliers
  • Review and refine your ESOS recommendations to secure maximum ROI
  • Standardising metrics to ensure accurate future baselining
  • Project management to ensure timely delivery and implementation of your ESOS recommendations
  • Support with building your business case for investment
  • Advice on funding options for successful project implementation
  • On-going training, support and advice on your demand reduction strategy


To find out how your business can turn ESOS into action and opportunity, contact our team on 01256 303620 or email

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