Real-Time Monitoring

Concept Energy is no ordinary energy management consultancy.

We are on a mission to make energy data as accessible and as powerful as possible. We are so committed to this philosophy that we have developed our own technology solution. Welcome to ASPECT.

  • Monitor energy use in real time
  • Gather data from across your sites
  • Be alert to on-site problems
  • Set and achieve CO2 targets
  • Enjoy web access 24/7

ASPECT was developed to allow building operators, energy managers and others to have clear visibility of building status – energy performance, asset condition and other essential data – at any time, in real-time, and accessible securely and remotely.

As the UK grows more interested in Energy Storage, and Distributed Energy, the data accessible via ASPECT becomes increasingly valuable. Real-time data on plant performance and energy consumption is supplemented by temperature data, BMS alarm status, generator operation data, etc – all of which can be viewed and analysed remotely, so that visits to site can be limited to when genuine problems arise.

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