Energy Surveys

Concept Energy Solutions carries out comprehensive site energy surveys, which inform better energy management.

By assessing how energy is used across your site, it is possible to improve performance and net important savings on costs and CO2 emissions.

Sector-specific energy surveys

We have carried out thousands of energy surveys, in buildings of all types:

  • Commercial Premises – offices, retail outlets, hotels
  • Public Sector – schools, hospitals, leisure centres, council buildings
  • Industrial Sector – manufacturing facilities, printing plants, power generation stations
  • Transport – airports, rail infrastructure, dock facilities

Clear and comprehensive reports

Our team of consultants produce clear and easy-to-understand reports, based on a comprehensive site survey. We always establish the terms of reference for the survey and develop an understanding of required outputs and timescales.

Subject to the specification of work, our reports typically include:

  • A breakdown of energy use by type and area/application
  • An assessment of current performance against published benchmarks and our own extensive database of comparable sites
  • An appraisal of condition of plant and equipment, efficiency and operation
  • Recommendations to improve performance in order to reduce emissions and costs, distinguishing between low-/no-cost initiatives and those requiring capital outlay
  • Details of savings in terms of energy, emissions and costs with an informed indication of the anticipated payback on any required investment
  • A preliminary implementation plan giving a rational prioritisation of initiatives to maximise the benefits.

We pride ourselves on the quality, clarity and timeliness of our reports and the professionalism of our staff throughout the process.

Please contact us for more information on energy surveys.

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