Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Concept Energy Solutions helps you to maximise carbon reduction across your organisation with a comprehensive carbon strategy, structured to deliver tangible savings.

Support throughout the process
We believe that drafting a carbon policy document and setting a carbon reduction target are important first steps. But these will not achieve the desired results unless other essential aspects are also addressed. This is where we add value in strategy development.

Tailored carbon strategies
We work with organisations ranging from major blue chip companies to small SMEs to develop successful strategies that are appropriate for their operations and meet their needs.
We offer guidance and support in key areas:

  • Policy Development
  • Communications – Internal and External
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Change Management
  • Reporting


Structure and clarity
With our help, your final carbon strategy will clarify drivers, objectives and stakeholders. It will give structure to the programme, identifying individual and collective responsibilities.

Where appropriate, we also work with specialist partners who can contribute in defined areas, such as Green Travel Plans and Waste Management.

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