Water and Effluent Management

Water supply and management can be complicated and is a key business risk if not managed effectively.

Improvements to your on-site water management can unlock financial savings by reducing water/sewerage costs, while ensuring environmental commitments are met.

Concept Energy has extensive experience of working with clients to manage water consumption and costs in different environments. Whether looking at office buildings, factories, schools or leisure centres, we are equipped to tackle the challenges you may face in ensuring that water is used efficiently and that leaks, for example, are quickly identified and resolved.

As the first step in checking efficiency, we carry out comprehensive water audit site surveys, looking at how and where water is being used, and whether projected consumption is in line with billed usage. Where we find areas of inefficiency, we will submit costed recommendations to support a water reduction strategy.

Our other water-related services include:

  • Contract negotiation – with the de-regulation of the water market for businesses in England and Scotland from April 2017, we are using our extensive knowledge to negotiate highly competitive rates for our clients with the numerous suppliers in the market.
  • Surface water charges – we undertake surveys, evaluate findings and organise your refund claims.
  • Leak detection – we survey to trace underground leaks to ensure prompt action.
  • Metering strategies – we identify benefits from sub-metering and have the capability to install solutions for you.
  • Real-time monitoring – our Aspect software provides the ideal solution to ensure that consumption is effectively controlled and any leaks are immediately identified and action taken.
  • Invoice validation – we analyse billing data – even complex trade effluent accounts – to ensure that you never pay more than is due.

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