Site Surveys

Concept Energy Solutions carries out comprehensive site surveys, which inform better water management. By assessing how water is used across your site, it is possible to stop water wastage and make important savings on water/sewerage charges.

How we can help:

Subject to the specification of work, our reports following the survey will typically include:

  • A breakdown of water use
    by area/application
  • An assessment of current performance
    against published benchmarks and our own extensive database of comparable sites
  • Recommendations to improve performance
    in order to reduce water consumption and charges, distinguishing between low-/no-cost initiatives and those requiring capital outlay
  • Details of savings
    with an informed indication of the anticipated payback on any required investment
  • A preliminary implementation plan
    giving a rational prioritisation of initiatives to maximise the benefits.

Further services:

  • Leak Detection
    Using our ASPECT software solution, we are able to perform real-time leak detection.
  • Scope for rainwater harvesting
    We’ll identify opportunities for re-use of grey water
  • Effluent charges review
    Find out if you’re getting the best deal on effluent disposal

Water management surveys can be included within the scope of an overall energy/utilities survey or can be tackled as a standalone exercise by our team of water specialists.

Please contact us for more information.

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