Where does ASPECT collect data from?

ASPECT collects data from the following sources:

  • Sub Meter Data – electricity, gas and water, enabling the client to monitor usage in specific areas of a building (e.g. catering, comms rooms, etc.) or specific items of plant (process load, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Power Quality – check on harmonics, phase balance, power factor, etc.
  • Busbar Temperatures – safety checking
  • Renewable Technologies Output – electricity or heat output from PV or solar thermal installations, wind generation, biomass boilers, CHP etc.
  • Outside Air Temperatures – essential for detailed trend analysis and removing the need to rely on ‘regional’ degree day data
  • Chiller Monitoring – linking to real-time chiller performance monitoring, using Clima Check software
  • BMS Connection – as well as providing remote access to the BMS with command and control capability, the system is used as a portal for the receipt and escalation of BMS alarms, to ensure that they are received, acknowledged and handled promptly, with a log of all such activity

Is the web log-in for ASPECT secure?

Yes. ASPECT is protected by comprehensive security. All of your site’s energy data will remain completely secure.

Can ASPECT be used by lay people?

Yes. ASPECT has a simple and easy-to-use interface suitable for all levels of users: technicians, engineers, facility management teams, management and energy consultants

ASPECT also includes a configurable dashboard of data, so that different users can prioritise specific areas of interest.

Can ASPECT be used in conjunction with third-party systems?

Yes, interoperability is built into ASPECT, which means the system is able to share data with third party systems.

What makes ASPECT different from its competitors?

Aspect was borne out of the experiences of carbon experts and energy engineers, to meet a need for an easy-to-use system that gives clarity to building status.

How many buildings can ASPECT be used across?

ASPECT enables the user to view buildings’ status across any number of sites, with no geographical boundary.

Can ASPECT be used outside the UK?

Yes. ASPECT can be used at sites both in the UK and worldwide.

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